4 August 2004
Updated the Old Updates to have the proper date format. Added a review for The Hero and the Crown in Dragon Book Reviews. Updated the Dragon History Outline - Japan, Helpers of the Dragons - Tawara Toda. Added Walutahanga to Dragons of Fame. Updated the Autobiography.

6 July 2004
Added Fire-Drake to Dragons of Fame and updated Benton. Updated the Dragon History Outline and Bibliography. Added two new entries, Helpers of the Dragons and The Uses of Dragon Parts.

4 July 2004
Revamped the Forum. Updated The Dragon Hoard, The Real Dragons?, the Bibliography, Other Galleries, and the Dragon Portal.

27 June 2004
Added a web rating for the site. Updated the Dragons of Fame, combining Aztec and Mayan with South American section. Updated Dragon Comparisons. Added new entries on The Temple of the Quetzalcoatl and The Dragons in Heraldry.

24 June 2004
Added Azi Dahaka, Basilic, and Bistern Dragon to Dragons of Fame and combined the Australia and New Zealand with Oceania. Updated the FAQ and Dragon Types.

21 June 2004
The Circle of the Dragon has a new layout. Now the site is broken into twelve sections instead of six. Added Tarasca to Dragons of Fame.

Updated the banner entries and the Bibliography. Added Of Dinosaurs and Dragons and the Bibliography has been updated. Revamped the Award Program.

22 May 2004
The Circle of the Dragon will soon have all dates formatted as day month year. Updated the Mistaken Dragons and Hoaxes and the Bibliography. Added a new entry on Dragon Tattoos and Autobiography. Added two new Dragon Book Reviews: Dragons of the Cuyahoga and Guards! Guards! Updated the Site Search.

Updated the Campaign page has had the links fixed. Added Stollenwurm to Dragons of Fame Switzerland as well as Storsjooduret, Stvkwvnaya, Suileach, Takshaka.

6 February 2004
Added 2003 to the Old Updates. Updated Sea Monsters, The Dragon Sightings, and the Bibliography. Added Gloucester's Sea Serpent to Dragons of Fame and updated Vouivre. Added new entries Dragons Among the Stars, Mistaken Dragons and Hoaxes, and the The Nine Dragon Scroll. Added David Jacob Duke's artwork to The Circle Gallery.

4 January 2004
Updated Dragons of Fame - China, Spain, and Russia. Added Guita and Chudo-Yudo to Dragons of Fame. Updated the Dragon Portal. Started archiving the Old Guestbook.