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Age Rating System

Movies often have an associated rating system that identifies its appropriate age groups; however, books don't usually have these indicators. The age system is generally divided out in marketing and store layout instead. To remedy this, the Circle of the Dragon will combine the rating systems of the motion picture industry and the age system used for some books. The system is as follows:

Abbr. Meaning Suitable Range Target Range
YC Young Children All ages Ages 8 and below
PT Pre-Teen Age 9 and up Ages 9-12
TE Teen Age 13 and up Ages 13-17
YA Young Adult Age 16 and up Ages 16-25
AD Adult Anyone above age 18 Varies, ages 18 and above

Rating System

Icon Characters Plot Structure
Brown Dragon Rating

The characters are flat or develop very little or the characters are very stereotypical.

The plot is bland and boring, or the plot follows one theme so closely that it is uninteresting.

The structure is incredibly simplistic or poorly executed, or the structure makes the book unsatisfying.

Red Dragon Rating

The characters have some depth or some development, but they are lacking.

The plot is overused and predictable, or the plot is overly simplistic.

The structure is functional but fails to inspire pacing, tension, and interest.

White Dragon Rating

The characters are interesting and progress through development; however, they fall short of being remarkable.

The plot is intriguing but not quite original; it lacks conflict or the conflict lacks suspense.

The structure functions well and supports the plot, but there is a lack of literary technique to it.

Black Dragon Rating

The characters are well rounded and struggle with difficult and realistic development.

The plot is innovative, and the conflicts are compelling.

The structure provides compelling plot support and uses substantial literary technique.

Gold Dragon Rating

The characters are original with unparalleled depth and handle intense development and conflict.

The plot is innovative, driven by realistic conflicts and supported by character development.

The structure provides compelling, thought-provoking support that combines well with the plot with a lot of literary technique.

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