Basic Information

Author: Craig Shaw Gardner
Age Rating: Adult (AD)
Titles: Dragon Sleeping, Dragon Waking, Dragon Burning


The Dragon Circle Novels out rank all other sci-fi/fantasy books, including the Lord of the Rings and the Dragon Riders of Pern.

How can a group of suburban families survive in a world where wolves and ravens talk, nature's personification takes people under his wing, and a dragon will soon awaken to burn everything away?

The novels grapple with mythic proportions; a group of people from present day suddenly find themselves in another world. As the dozens of characters struggle with the unthinkable changes before them, they find themselves in the middle of a power struggle between two wizards. Each character's backstory factors into the mythos of the novels, so each character is empathetic and well developed.

The structure creates continuations dramatic tension; even its nonlinear additions (called "Around the Circle") push the story ahead.


Characters Plot Structure
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