13 September 2002
Updated Real Dragons? Retired the physiology section for revamp. Added Nebuchadnezzar's Dragon to the Dragons of Fame.

6 September 2002
Added Knucker to Dragons of Fame. Added Dragon Impact upon Media.

30 August 2002
Added Dragon Ceramics and Dragon Themed Weaponry.

25 August 2002
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23 August 2002
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22 August 2002
Added Dragon Movie Reviews. Updated The Dragon Hoard, The Dungeon Draft, and Coming Soon... Added The Dragon Pearl.

27 July 2002
Added Dragon Circle Updates.

26 July 2002
Added Real Dragons? with information on Common Flying Dragon, Komodo Dragon, Paradise Tree Snake, and Kuhl's Flying Gecko. Added Haymo and Dobrynja to Dragon Slayers.

4 July 2002
Updated the quiz What Dragon Color Are You?

22 June 2002
Updated the Dungeon Draft, the Dragon Hoard, and Eastern Dragons. Moved the famous Eastern Dragons entries to the Dragons of Fame.s Started to archive the guestbook.

19 June 2002
Added the Dragon Campaigns. Launched The Fire Hall of Shame.

17 June 2002
Added Dragon Body Physiology and Wing Physiology.

15 June 2002
Updated The Dungeon Draft, The Physiology of the Dragon Body and The Dragon Head, and The Circle Gallery.

14 June 2002
Updated The Circle Gallery and Other Galleries. Started Physiology of the Dragon.

13 June 2002
Updated The Dragon Portal and Book Reviews. Added Religions and Dragons and Modern Dragon information. Added Eingana, Kuniya, Liru, and Rainbow Serpent: Galeru, Great Father, Julunggul, Warramunga, and Kalseru to Dragons of Fame.

12 June 2002
Updated the Gallery and added The Dudgeon Draft. Added Toyo-tama to the Eastern Dragons and the Dragon History Outline.

11 June 2002
Added my Research Paper on dragons of the East.

3 June 2002
The Circle of the Dragon can now be found at www.blackdrago.com.

21 May 2002
Added a new quiz What type of dragon are you? Added some new Dragon Rings.

11 May 2002
Revamped some of the colors in regard to links. Special thanks to Wales, Home of the Red Dragon team for pointing out this issue. Thanks to the Great Ozz Award Program for adding suggestions for the layout and navigation of the site as well

10 May 2002
Added Japanese Dragon Types to Eastern Dragons. Added Comparison between Japanese and Chinese Dragons. Updated the Dragon Hoard.

8 May 2002
Revamped Eastern Dragons and added the following: Differences between Dragons, Differences from Females to Males, The Oriental Dragons, The Life Stages of Eastern Dragons, Eastern Dragon Types, Eastern Dragons Colors, How did they Fly?, and Other Information. Added Benten, Blue Dragon, Kinabalu, Kiyo, O Goncho, Ryo-Wo, Uwibami, Yamata-no-orochi, and Yofune-Nushi to Famous Eastern Dragons. Updated Amphisbaena, Ouroboros, and Dragon Colors.

5 May 2002
Added Drac, Vouivre, and Le Succube's Dragon Steed to Dragons of Fame. Added Coming Soon...

18 February 2002
Updated the Dragon Hoard.

3 February 2002
Updated the Dragon Hoard.

26 January 2002
Revamped pages with a new dragon set from Illiana the Golden Dragon. Updated the Dragon History Outline.

25 January 2002
Updated The Dragon Hoard. Added Zu, Kur, Yam-nahar, Kataore, and Peke-Haua to Dragons of Fame.

23 January 2002
Updated The Dragon Hoard.

22 January 2002
Updated the Dragons of Fame, Realism of Dragon Existence, The Circle Gallery, the Draconic Storybook. Added Ollipeist, Chac, Kinabalu, and Leviathan to Dragons of Fame.

21 January 2002
Updated Why is it a dragon? and the Overview of Dragons Throughout History so that it has more cross-referencing. Added Quetzalcoatl, Coatlcue, and Gorynytch to the Dragons of Fame. Added Xiuhcoatl to Dragon Types. Added Dragon Comparisons.

20 January 2002
Polished the Dragon Types and updated the Dragon Portal. Added Naga. Added Hotu-puku, Apalala, Illuyankas, Tarasque, Tutaeporoporo, Humbaba, Gargouille, and Chimera to Dragons of Fame. Improved the Contact section and the Eastern Dragons.

19 January 2002
Started the The Circle Gallery and added Amphisbaena. Updated the Dragon Portal and the Dragon Hoard. Added Tiamat and Apsu, Melusine, and Cetus to Dragons of Fame.

16 January 2002
Updated the Realism of Dragon Existence and Flight, that is the question. Added Dragon Types.

15 January 2002
Updated the Dragon Hoard and Why is it a dragon?Created an Past Updates for previous updates. A new shortcut URL now exists: http://dragoncircle.cjb.net

14 January 2002
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13 January 2002
Create the Dragon Hoard, the Dragon Portal, Egyptian Dragons, and banners.

12 January 2002
Added Ouroboros.

10 January 2002
Added Eastern Dragons.

9 January 2002
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