Basic Information

Alternative names: Ba-sha
Type/Species: Long
Origin: Taoist Mythology, Chinese Mythology

About Beixi

Once, the dragon visited each of his sons in turn, finally coming to Beixi, who was an excellent swimmer. [2] He enjoyed gazing out across the water, and he had an affinity for the water in general. [1]

Beixi would also perch on bridges that cross over the country's waters to watch people passing in their boats. [3] So, the dragon ordered that the image of his son Beixi be placed on bridges, canals, and other such places near the water. [1]

Sometimes the siblings Beixi and Chiwen are conflated, but they are separate sons of the dragon. [1]

Physical Description

Beixi, as one of the nine sons of the dragon, had a traditional long form. One striking image of Beixi is in front of the Pavilion of Literary Profundity. [1]

Quick Facts

  • Beixi had an affinity for water. [3]
  • His image is used to adorn bridges and canals. [1]
  • He was an excellent swimmer. [2]

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