Basic Information

Alternative names: Sua Ni, Suan Mi, Swan-i
Type/Species: Long
Origin: Taoist Mythology, Chinese Mythology

About Suanmi

Suanmi was one of the nine sons of the dragon, and with al his time, he played with fire [4] because he so loved smoke. [5]

In another version, Suanmi was renown for his propensity for resting in contemplation, [5] for he enjoyed sitting down. [2] Later, in a religious role, Suanmi tended to the fire believed to burn for eternity, and he explained its importance to children as he tended it. [4]

Thus, Suanmi was represented on the bases of Buddhist images, [2] as well as Buddhist thrones. [1] Suanmi's image was also added to the legs of incense burners [1] and the pots or stands that hold incense for religious ceremonies. [5]

The motif of Suanmi was used to protect houses from fire. [3]

Physical Description

Suanmi was one of the nine dragon sons, so his features were much like those of the traditional long dragon.

Quick Facts

  • Suanmi was one of the nine sons of the dragon. [4]
  • He loved playing with fire [4] and the smoke it produced. [5]
  • He was renown for his contemplation, [5] for he loved sitting and resting. [2]
  • He tended to the eternal fire and explained its importance to children. [4]
  • His image was used on the bases of Buddhist thrones, as well as on incense burners and holders. [1]
  • His motif was used to protect houses from fire. [3]

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