The Wurm Dragon Type are generally described as serpents with coils that can wrap around hills, bodies that can be mistaken for solid earth, or similarly fabulous descriptions of enormity.

Compared to other Dragon Types, the attribution of supernatural powers afford to Wurms is limited, but it is common for wurms to have the ability to exhale noxious fumes or fire and to move with incredible speed. [3]

Wurms are usually found in the Europe, and unlike the other Dragon Types that have redeeming qualities, Wurms are always destructive and malicious towards people. [3] They can be found in swamps, marshes, and other dank or wet places, and sometimes they take up home in a lake or even a well. [3]

Disambiguation of Wurms

Across Europe, different cultural groups identified sub-types, or Dragon Species, of Wurms that are often conflated with the Wurm.

In medieval France, the Guivre is species of Wurm that can be found in forests and other lonely places. [1] Another manifestation is the perhaps comical creature Wivre, which is similar to the Guivre except that it would only attack humans when they were clothed. Any person attacked by the vicious Wivre need only disrobe to frighten it away. [2]

Physical Description

Wurms have thick, serpentine bodies with a head shaped like a horse or a crocodile. Some have horns, dangerously large fangs, and bright, wide eyes. [3] They're commonly found through the United Kingdom, France, and other parts of Western Europe.


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