Occidental, meaning characteristic of European countries, is another name for Western Dragons or Dragons of the West. [1] Western Dragons can be independent or members of a predatory community; sometimes, they can be the servant of a sorcerer or other powerful person. [1]

So popular was the belief in the prowess and power of the dragon, Ancient to colonial cartography marked unexplored regions on nautical charts and maps with the words "HERE BE DRAGONS." [2]

Physical Description

Western Dragon

Western Dragon © Donna Quinn

Western Dragons have four thick, powerful legs and claws with the talons of an eagle. [2] A Western Dragon has scales covering its body, similar to those of a crocodile, [1] with a barbed, serpentine tail. [2] Their wings are membranous, like those of a bat. [1]

The heads of Western Dragons are large and wedge-shaped like that of a crocodile or monitor lizard with a crest, horns, or antlers. [1] They have huge fangs and possess particularly noxious poison; in some cases, Western Dragons exhale deadly fumes or even fire. [1]



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