Despite not being a classical dragon or serpent type, this particular type of dragons exists in many mythologies and as many different Dragon Species. This site utilizes the term serpent-waist to indicate a dragon that is a serpent from the waist down.

Technically speaking, Serpent-Waist is a sub-type of Dragon Beast or Draconic Hybrid, but due to its popularity, it is considered a separate core type. In some instances, Serpent-Waist is also a sub-type of the term Anthropomorphic Dragon, since many serpent-waist dragons are part human.

Physical Description

The serpent-waist dragon has the body of a serpent from the waist down. The most common form has a humanoid upper body, but the upper body can be of any animal, such as a dog, an antelope, or an elephant. Many serpent-waist beings have the ability to morph into either fully human or fully serpent form.