What dragon color are you?

Question #1: Where do you live?

In an extremely cold climate
In an extremely hot climate
In a temperate climate
In a tropical climate
Near or in the mountains
Near or in a forest or wooded area
A desert
On a subterranean level or a cave
High up, like the tenth level or in an elevated area
Near a river, lake, or an ocean
Somewhere remote, like on an island
A place with a lot of wide-open spaces
I'm nomadic.
I'll live anywhere, I'm not picky.

Question #2: What is your primary occupation?

I work with plant-life, like farming and gardening.
I teach.
I handle unique and rare items, like an antique seller or an appraiser.
I work with financial numbers, like a banker or an accountant.
I work in medicine, like a nurse, doctor, physical therapist, or pharmacist.
I have a trade job (i.e. carpenter, plumber, blacksmith).
I'm in law enforcement or security, like a police officer, guard, or special agent.
I work in the legal system, such as a prosecutor or a lawyer.
I work with young children, like a daycare assistant or a nanny.
I'm an entrepreneur with my own business.
I run or work for a nonprofit company.
I pick up whatever work I can, doing odd jobs.
I'm an artist.
I'm a scientist.
I'm an engineer.
I work in the service industry.
I work as a social worker or a human rights activist.
I work with animals, like a veterinarian or a zookeeper.
I keep positions of power and authority, like a politician.
I don't have a job.

Question #3: What is your favorite color?

Metallic colors, such as bronze, silver, and gold

Question #4: What are your hobbies?

Playing team sports
Playing strategy games like chess
Painting, sculpting, and other creative arts
Gardening, etc.
Cooking, baking, etc.
Body building
Metal works or electronics
Playing solo sports

Question #5: What are your eating habits?

I have a big sweet tooth.
I am a vegetarian or eat limited meat.
I have a specialty diet, such as ketogenic diet.
My diet consists largely of seafood.
I eat whatever's around.
I try new things all the time.
I eat healthily as often as possible.
I eat a high-protein, low-carb diet.
I am a connoisseur of quality foods.
My diet is organic.

Question #6: What are your friends like?

I have one best friend.
I don't trust people enough to keep friends.
I have a close circle of friends.
I have confidants, not really friends.
I have a bunch of great friends.
I have plenty of friends, but most of them are acquaintances.

Question #7: What is your temperament like?

I remain calm and composed at all times.
It's no secret; I have a short fuse.
I'm openhearted and kind.
I'm honest even when it hurts.
I am slow to anger, but I have a fiery temper when it's going.
I'm stubborn, determined, and quiet.

Question #8: What do you collect?

Rocks, gems, and similar things
Mirrors and beauty / health products mostly
Swords, shields, and other weaponry
Candles, lanterns, etc.
I don't collect things.
Specialty items, like baseball cards, etc.
Jewelry mostly
I'm a clothes horse.

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