Palulukon from Hopi Native American Mythology, holding up the world. © Donna Quinn.

Palulukon is a class of water serpent to the Hopi of North America. [2] Palulukon are master of nature, and poor treatment of them can result in any number of natural disasters, including earthquakes, [2] floods, and lighting storms. [1]

It is believed that the Earth rests upon the backs of two Palulukon that float in the Cosmic Ocean. [2] When they become tired, or when other Palulukon are mistreated, the two Palulukon that hold up the world roll over, causing earthquakes and sometimes stopping the water from springs. [2]

The Palulokon are considered Great Serpents, similar to or related to the Koloowisi of the Zuni of North America. [1]



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