Guivres, also referred to as Wivres, are hybrids found in the legends of medieval France. [1] A Guivre is highly aggressive and vicious and would attack humans at any opportunity, [1] so long as the humans in question were clothed. [2] The Guivre proved so formidable that they appear frequently in French armorial heraldry. [1]

In fact, a Guivre would flee from a naked person, so the best way to evade an attack would be to disrobe. [2] Most Guivre live in pools, woods, and forests, favoring any place that was damp and lonely. [1]

Physical Description

Guivres are hybrid creatures. [1] Described as a monstrous reptile, like a dragon but lacking wings. [2] Alternatively, a Guivre has the body of a serpent and the head of a dragon with horns that protruded from its forehead. [1]


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