13 October 2009
Added About the Circle of the Dragon. Pruned the Dragon Portal and Dragon Rings.

Moved Dragon Types and Dragon Species from Dragon History to Basic Information. This is part of a larger shift, which will include the introduction of a new section called Dragon Topics, which will include specialty entries.

8 October 2009
Updated the Site Information with screen captures of the older layouts and designs. Revived the quiz What's your outstanding dragon trait?

Updated Dungeon Draft with seven pieces, including Infinity Wurm, Dragon-Flies, Undead Dragon, Green Wyvern, and the three thumbnails below.

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5 October 2009
Restricted the Dragons of Fame section into individual articles for each dragon. Updated the Book Index and Privacy Policy.

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4 October 2009
Revamped What dragon color are you? Revamped Who is your slayer? Pruned The Dragon Portal. Updated Dragon Impact upon Media.

28 September 2009
Updated Gandarewa in the Dragons of Fame. Updated the Bibliography.

23 September 2009
Updated the entries on Apsu and Tiamat, Kur, and Nebuchadnezzar's Dragon in the Dragons of Fame.

20 September 2009
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5 June 2009
Updated the Autobiography and Contact Information.