Symbolism of the Color Silver

Silver symbolizes security and intelligence, [2] and represents modern technology. [5] Because it is a precious metal, it has been used for currency around the world. Silver symbolizes the moon, and the color is thus associated with the mother goddess. [5,6] In certain traditions, silver is a sign of clairvoyance. [5]

In Western Europe, silver is stylish, representing financial wealth, [1] but it also represents a stalemate. [4] In heraldry, silver is a symbol of purity. [3] Silver is associated with the month of March. [3]

In Feng Shui, silver is connected to the element metal and possesses the passive Yin quality. [1] It represents romance and trust. [1]

In the Hindu Chakra, of the hidden power of humans, silver is of the air element and is good during a time of reflection and changing directions. [6] Like the moon that controls the tides of the earth, silver has a soothing, calming effect. [6] Silver opens a person to dignity, wisdom, and insight. [6]

Silver Dragons

Silver Dragon

Silver dragons possess powerful healing abilities. They have a strong connection to the moon and live by the lunar cycle. A silver dragon can be connected to the mother goddess or a female warrior.

In modern and contemporary art, metallic dragons can have cyborg-themed styles, such as bionic eyes, mechanical limbs and wings, etc. These are often represented in silver

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