Symbolism of the Color Brown

Brown Dragon

Brown symbolizes the soil, the earth. [1] Paradoxically, brown is the color of autumn and symbolizes the death of vegetation, marking the transition into the season of winter. [1]

For the Cherokee of North America, brown symbolizes good and life. [2] To the Ancient Roman Catholic Church, brown is a symbol of humility and poverty. [1]

For the Australian Aboriginal people, brown symbolizes the color of the land. [2] In Western Europe, brown is a dependable, steadfast color [2] that represents potential fertility. [1]

In Feng Shui, brown is the color of the element Earth and has the active Yang principle. Brown represents industry and grounded stability. [2]

Brown Dragons

Few reptiles are brown, but some dinosaurs are believed to have brown pigmentation. Brown could be a common dragon color.

Brown dragons would like associate with the mother goddess or a god of fertility. In some instances, a brown dragon may represent the autumn harvest, the reaping.

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