Background Information

Origin: Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria
Dragons Slain: Unnamed dragon of the Sill River

Background: Haymo was a virtuous giant of noble birth who lived near the Rhine. He stood over 12 ft. (3.7 m) tall and possessed matchless strength. [1]

Haymo, the Dragon Slayer

A dragon terrorized the area near Innsbruck, the capital of the Austrian province Tyrol. People knew the dragon lived to the South, where the Sill River winds through the mountain forest to a gorge, but no one dared go near the dragon's lair. [1] Even the rumors of gold in the forest and the enormous dragon's hoard did not entice anyone to investigate. [1]

The waters occasionally swept some of the hoard away from the dragon and into the Sill River, where it eventually drifted to the shores. A few lucky people might find it, but as soon as the dragon noticed its loss, he would rage through the region seeking out a thief. [1] He would ravage fields and crops, destroy houses and stables, kill cattle and dogs. Not a single person lived happily under the devastation of the dragon. [1]

When Haymo learned of the blight of the dragon, he took his weapons and traveled to Innsbruck. His arrival was timely, as the dragon was on another rampage. Without hesitation, Haymo leapt upon the scaly brute, exchanging blows until the dragon writhed with pain and retreated to its cave. [1] Haymo did not let the dragon escape; instead, he followed it and stabbed it in its own cave. To prove this feat, he cut out the dragon's tongue, [1] which can be seen on display even to this very day. [2]

The people of Innsbruck persuaded Haymo to remain in Tyrol and be their sovereign. [1] Later, Haymo founded the monastery of Wilten on the spot where he slew the dragon. [2] This is why Haymo is considered the legendary founder of the monastery Wilten the south of Innsbruck. [2]

Quick Facts

  • Haymo was a noble giant. [2]
  • The dragon of the Sill River gorge terrorized the people around the city of Innsbruck. [1]
  • Haymo persuaded the dragon back to its lair and stabbed to death. The he cut out its tongue for proof. [1]


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