Japanese vs. Chinese Dragons


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Dragon Types

Tatsu - generic name for Japanese dragons; symbol of Mikado [1]
Sui-Riu - Japanese Dragon King; "the rain dragon" [1]
Han-Riu - forty feet long; can never reach heaven [1]
Ri-Riu - dragon with great eye sight [1]
Ka-Riu - seven feet in length; fiery red [1]
Fuku Riu - good luck dragon [1]
Hai-Riyo - "dragon-bird"; similar to Ying-Lung; winged and most evolved form of a dragon [1]

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"water snake"
Chiao (Chiao-Lung or Kiao) - scaled dragon [2]
Lung (Li-Lung or Chih-Lung) - larger than Chiao; hornless and symbolise the scholar [2]
Horned Dragon - an older dragon (thousand five hundred to two thousand) with horns) [2]
Ying-Lung - winged dragons that are also scale-less [2]

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Visual Differences

Three-toed [3]

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Five-toed [3]

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Dragon Attitude

Much like Western Dragons, Japanese dragons killed innocent people and forced towns to give them beautiful maidens for food. [4,5]

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Chinese dragons were benovolent creatures who shared with humans this relationship: so long as people were loyal, the dragons were benevolent. [6] Note: This is one of the five relationships that Confucius spoke of. (Ruler to Subject)

Japanese and Chinese dragon share similarities in: Flight Methods, Gender Differences, and Color Information.


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