Basic Information

Scientific Name: Ptychozoon kuhli
Average Size: 7 - 8 in. (17.8 - 20 cm) [3]
Activity: Arboreal [1]
Distribution: Southeast Asia, [3] including Thailand, Malaya, Nicobars, Borneo, Sumatra, Java
Similar Species: Burmese Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon lionotum) [3]

About Kuhl's Flying Gecko

Kuhl's Flying Gecko is an arboreal, or tree-dwelling, lizard known for its speed. [1] Its diet is primary comprised of insects. [3] They are much like other gecko species, except they have the ability to glide. Kuhl's Geckos usually utilize gliding to escape danger or to swoop down on food. [2] They lay approximately two eggs at a time. [3]

Kuhl's Flying Gecko has skin folds along its sides, legs, and tail as well as webbed feet. [2] By extending these flaps of skin, [2] it increases its surface area, which allows it to glide quite gracefully downward. [3]

As pets, they are said to be excellent display reptiles in terrariums; [1] however, they must be handled with care, as their skin is sensitive and easily damaged. [1]

Physical Description

The broad, flat tail tip distinguishes Kuhl's Flying Geckos from other species. [3] In terms of coloration, they are dark to medium brown with lighter splotches on them. The irregular outline and patterning of this gecko make it almost invisible when resting on bark. [3] Overall, they are well camouflaged in a wooded environment by their texture and color. [2]


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