Basic Information

Director: Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook
Starring: Ming-Na, Eddie Murphy
Writers: Rita Hsiao, Philip LaZebnik, Chris Sanders, Eugenia Bostwick-Singer, Raymond Singer, Robert D. San Souci
Distributors: Walt Disney Feature Animation
Movie Rating: G


Adapting Mulan's story for film intended for all ages is an enormous feat. The story diverges much from the traditional story, but it contains many of the primary elements.

Mulan, the only child of Fa Zhou, impersonates a man and takes her father's place in the army defending China against the invasion of the Hun. Mulan takes her father's horse, Kahn; in addition, she has the lucky cricket Cri-Kee and the tiny dragon Mushu at her side.

The animation is very well done. As a movie intended for any age group, the characters present with reasonable depth; however, the antagonists and the peripheral characters fall short significantly.


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