Basic Information

Director: Rob Cohen
Starring: Sean Connery, Dennis Quaid
Screenwriter: Charles Edward Pogue
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Movie Rating: PG


DragonHeart is the story of the last dragon, Draco. He gave his heart to restore a young king, and when the king grew to be despotic, the blame fell on the dragons. As the last dragon, many a dragon slayer prizes Draco's hide, and he is on his own in the world until he finds himself working with Bowen, the most fearsome dragon slayer of his age.

The animation of Draco was very well done, and he was a pretty dynamic character. The pairing of a dragon slayer and a dragon for profit makes for an innovative dragon story, but the characters tend to be weak and stereotypical. Some of the dialog is corny, but the very fairy-tale-style plot makes it forgivable.

Younger audiences may find this movie very appealing as a sort of bedtime story.


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