Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you recommend a good place for dragon tattoos? Answer: No. While I do have tattoos, I do not know any other tattoo parlors than the one I went to, and I will not recommend places that I have not been. You're best bet at getting a good tattoo is to ask someone you know who has a tattoo where he or she got his or hers. Most tattoo parlors do have dragon tattoos, which they can modify, or can make you one on request.

Question: I want to find a picture of [insert dragon type here] for a tattoo. Can you give me one? Answer: No. The best way to find pictures online is to search for them with a search engine like Google. Another good way is to go to tattoo parlors and look at the pre-made tattoos they have there. Sometimes they'll have what you're looking for or something close enough to it that you can have the artist modify it for you.

Question: I want a dragon tattoo, but all the pictures I have are too detailed to be small. Is there such thing as a small dragon tattoo? Answer: Yes. I have a small tattoo. Your best bet is to talk to the tattoo artists in the parlor you plan to go to. They may have some samples for you or be able to shrink down a dragon picture for you. If worse comes to worst, you can probably have them do a custom dragon for you that's small.

Finding Examples

The following sites have some good examples of dragon tattoos, some of which are on the human bodies. Please note that most tattoo artists want you to have a fully visible picture for your tattoo, which will make the process easier. Please remember that some people have some rather personal places on their body tattooed, and I am not responsible for any of the pictures found on the following sites.