Basic Information

Type/Species: Wurm
Origin: Australian Mythology

About Rainbow Serpent / Rainbow Snake / Rainbow Monster

The Rainbow serpent was a god(dess) and was said to have horns and the body of a serpent. This creature was said to have helped shape the land, especially the waterways. [1]

The Rainbow Serpent would consume people then regurgitate them in rebirth. In addition, he or she flew, even without wings. The gender of the creature was never clear, and there are many representations of this god(dess) creature. Other representations include the following: [1]

Julunggul / Mumuna / Kalwadi / Kungpipi

Julunggul is the goddess of Aborigines. Eternally pregnant, she vomits and produces Sisters of Dreamtime. While she is noted as female, she could transform herself into a male or back into a female whensoever she pleased. As a symbol of initiation into adulthood for men, she was obviously an important goddess. [1]


Galeru swallowed the Djanggawul in order to demonstrate the "maintenance of life." She was a giant, rainbow serpent, too. (Found basically in Arnhemland beliefs.) [1]

Warramunga / Wollunqua

Warramunga or Wollunqua is the rainbow serpent, and was known to be the creator of life. Even though he was blind, he was a symbol of the spring. As he flew from waterhole to waterhole, a rainbow could be seen. [1]

Yurlungur / Great Father

Yurlungur is similar to Warramunga. He was also a symbol of changing a boy to a man and of fertility. Many believe that the "evil maiden-eating" dragon theme was derived from him. After all, he swallowed to girls that wandered into his cave. Thunder was said to sound when his voice spoke. It was also said that he caused the great flood. He spit into the sky and caused great rain to fall. (Wawalik sisters were said to play a role in this as well.) [1]


Kalseru is the goddess of rain and fertility. She is found amoung religions in the Northwestern Austrialians. [1]

Physical Description

The rainbow monster is a huge serpent with horns and no wings with a magnificent rainbow color. [1]

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