Basic Information

Type/Species: Dragon Beast / Draconic Hybrid
Origin: Mayan Mythology

About Chac

To the Mayans, the god Chac mainly dealt with rain-making, but he also ruled over all bodies of water. His particular requirement of sacrifice, royalty from the Earth, could bring rain. He demanded blood for blood, for to make it rain, he had to shed his own. [1]

The rain-making connection made Chac one of the most popular Mayan gods; the Palace alone had over two hundred mosaics of his face! Unlike many other gods in Mayan culture that had small cult centers, Chac had a broad base of worship; every Mayan knew of him. His name and worship was especially important during planting and harvesting season. [1]

Chac was the rain-bringer. The desire on part of the Mayans to please him with blood showed not only their great need of water and good crops, but also the underlying belief that sacrifice and rebirth remained necessary for life. Humans sacrificed humans, and Chac sacrificed his blood so that the crops could come again. [1]

Physical Description

Chac had a long noise, fish scales, catfish-like whiskers, deer ears, and a crocodilian head. Sometimes he held up his axe, the lightning ax, with which he could make lightning. [1]


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