Throughout world mythology, many fabulous creatures present as hybrids, or a combination of multiple animals. Many dragons are described as hybrids between avian species and serpents. This website utilizes the term Dragon Beast or Draconic Hybrid to refer to monsters like the Chimera, a Greek monster that is part lion, serpent, and goat.

Physical Description

Dragon Beast applies to any creature that fits the classification of dragon (see Why is it a Dragon?) but do not otherwise have a specific dragon species or type. Therefore, the physical description of a draconic hybrid will vary drastically.

A dragon beast can have the head or tail of a dragon or have the ability to morph or transmute into a dragon. Draconic hybrids may possess serpent or reptile attributes, such as the head of a crocodile or the fangs of a cobra.

Some draconic hybrids have more subtle relationships with dragons and serpents. They may only possess the scales of a serpent or the wings of a dragon.