Basic Information

Alternative spellings: Akhekh
Type/Species: Drake, Draconic Hybrid
Origin: Egyptian Mythology, European Folklore

About Akhekhu

Akhekhu was a supernatural or fantastic beast [1] originally recorded in Ancient Egypt as an aspect of the deity Seth. [2] He lived in the deserts and the wastelands. [1]

Travelers who learned of Akhekhu brought stories of this fabulous creature to Europe, where it developed a new legendary status similar to that of the European griffin. [1]

Physical Description

Akhekhu had a serpentine body with four legs. [1] In later accounts held in Europe, Akhekhu had the body of an antelope with the head of a bird and serpent-like characteristics. [2] Often he is depicted with three uraei around his head. [2]

Quick Facts

  • In Egypt, Akhekhu was described as a drake, [1] but stories about him in Europe give him the body of an antelope. [2]
  • He lived in the wastelands and deserts. [1]
  • He was an attribute of Seth. [2]

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