Fairy Dragon

Fairy Dragon from Amber's Dragon Lair.

Fairy dragons are a more recent Dragon Type. They are the smallest of all dragons, associated with insects and fae people in folklore. They share many traits with fairies and other magical folk, such as a trickster nature and a fondness for sweet foods.

Finding a fairy dragon is rare, but they are fond of fine-smelling flowers, which is where they are most spotted. Unfortunately, due to their tiny size, they are often mistaken for common insects.


Physical Description

Fairy dragons are roughly the size of a butterfly or a dragonfly, the largest butterfly having a body length up to 3.2 inches (8 cm) and a wingspan up to 1 foot (30 cm).

Most fairy dragons are depicted with four limbs and twin wings, like Western Dragons. They have insect-style wings, like that of a moth or butterfly, or in some cases, a dragonfly. Because of the size of their wings, fairy dragons are slender and light. Some are depicted with only hind limbs.

Regardless of number of limbs, they usually had reptile-like limbs. Rarely they are depicted with insect-style limbs. Other physical attributes include antennas and stingers.