Basic Information

Name Translation: Eight Fathoms
Type/Species: Great Serpent
Origin: Oceanic Mythology

About Walutahanga

An ordinary woman gave birth to Walutahanga, a serpent, instead of a human child. The mother quickly hid Walutahanga from her husband to save her life. Unfortunately, the father discovered the serpent, and he cut Walutahanga into eight pieces. [1]

It rained for eight days, and the eight pieces of Walutahanga's bother joined together. She was again whole. [1]

Without a home, she wandered the world. She soon resorted to eating humans, and the surviving members of the village she tormented cut her into eight pieces again. [1] The villagers then cooked her and feasted, except for one woman and her child who refused to eat Walutahanga's remains. Finally, the villagers cast the eight pieces of Walutahanga's bones into the sea. [1]

It showered over eight days, and the pieces of Walutahanga's bother joined together. She was again whole.

Walutahanga, in retaliation, summoned eight huge waves towards the village to crush it. She spared only the woman and child that did not consume her flesh. She made them both food, such as yams, and left them where their village had once stood. [1]

She struck fear into the hearts of many, but she became the guardian spirit of a selected few.

Physical Description

Walutahanga was a huge serpent. [1]


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