Basic Information

Type/Species: Taniwha
Origin: Maori (Māori) Mythology, New Zealand

About Waima

Waima was one of the eleven taniwha sons of Araiteuru (Āraiteuru) of Hokianga Harbour. [1] His brothers, set by their mother, all took it upon themselves to see who could burrow the furthest to see the country in which they lived. [1]

Despite the fact that Waihou did not come home to tell his family about the country he saw, Waima began his journey. [4] He ventured away from his brother's path by the Narrows, where he turned and went into the country side. He, like his all of his brothers, began to tire of the rocky landscape that bruised his nose. Waima had to turn around at the Waoku because the region was too mountainous. [2]

Waima struggled across rocks, cutting himself as he climbed the Twin Waterfalls of Taheke. He smoothed a great many rocks with his weight as he wriggled back towards his original path. [2] His quest led him through south, past Kaikohe, into the swampy lands called Punakitere, where he remains to this day. [2]

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