Basic Information

Type/Species: Naga
Origin: Hindu Mythology, the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata

About Takshaka

Takshaka's story can be found in the Mahabharata, which tells of a Raja named Parikshit who insults a humble monk. The father of this monk implored Takshaka to right the wrong done unto his son. [1]

Parikshit confidently retreated to a fortress in the middle of a lake, which he believed would keep him out of the Naga's grasps. However, a small group of monks traveled to the fortress with presents to give to its Lord. These gifts were many fruits, which Raja Parikshit gladly accepted. Upon opening the last fruit, a small, red-eyed insect appeared which transformed into Takshaka and crushed the Raja in his coils. [1]

Physical Description

Takshaka is described as being a Naga King, but little description is given beyond that.


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