Basic Information

Type/Species: Sea Serpent
Origin: Celtic Mythology

About Master Stoorworm

Master Stoorworm was a huge serpent, who came to the shore by a town. He ate much, and each morning, he would yawn seven times. On the seventh time, his mouth would open up and his tongue would reach out and grab seven things from the town - people, cattle, and so forth. [1]

King Herald called a meeting to decide what was to be done about Master Stoorworm. Some wanted to appease the beast, most commonly by feeding him seven fair maidens. But the king did not want to sacrifice his people; rather, he wanted Stoorworm dead. So, he promised that anyone who could slay Stoorworm his daughter's hand in marriage and obtain his famous sword. Thirty-six warriors answered the call, but they were all scared away by the serpent's breath alone. Disheartened, the king ordered for his boat to be prepared, for he would sooner go into battle than sacrifice one of his people. [1]

It is also important to note that in this town, a young, small boy named Jamie (though other versions call him Assipattle) lived. Though he was small, he was courageous. The night when the thirty-six warriors were scared away, he planned his venture out. That night, he snuck out of his home and took an iron pot and a peat with him. He went to the docks, where the king's boat was prepared, and duped the guard into moving away from his post. With that, Jamie stole the ship and paddled out, and he waited for Master Stoorworm to wake up. [1]

When Master Stoorworm yawned the first time, Jamie was swept inside of the creature's body along with much water. Jamie continued to paddle down into the creature's body until he reached the liver. Using the peat, he managed to set the liver on fire. As Master Stoorworm writhed in pain, Jamie paddled out the way he came in. [1]

Master Stoorworm struggled. As he struggled, pieces of his body fell. The first time, some of his teeth fell and created the Orkney Islands. The second time, more of his teeth fell, creating the Shetland Islands. On the third time, the rest of his teeth fell out, creating the Faroe Islands. After he died, his body crumpled up and collapsed into a lump, which became Iceland. [1]

Physical Description

Master Stoorworm was a huge, thick sea serpent with a large head. [1]


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