Basic Information

Name Translation: Luminous Being
Type/Species: Eastern Dragon
Origin: Japanese Mythology

About Ryo-Wo / Ryujin / Rinjin / Ryujin

It is said that this dragon lives in Ryugu, a mystical palace beneath the sea. Revered as god of the sea, this dragon was known as "the Dragon King." His messengers were the turtles. He also holds the Tidal Jewels, with which he controls the tidal influence of the world. [1]

Many believe that Otohime, Ryo-Wo's daughter, marries prince Hoori, a human. Other tales include the story about the jellyfish. [2]

Ryo-Wo sent a jellyfish to find him a monkey. He simply wanted a monkey's liver for a meal. The jellyfish caught a monkey and began to bring him back to the Dragon King. Sadly, the jellyfish befriended the monkey and told him why he was going to see the dragon king. [2]

The monkey was not happy to hear this. However, he explained to the jellyfish that he had left his liver in a jar on the land. The jellyfish believed him. The monkey said that he would fetch his liver and come right back. Sadly, the monkey never returned, and the jellyfish was forced to return to the Dragon King empty handed. When hearing the story, the Dragon King pounded the poor jellyfish into the shape it is today. [2]

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