Basic Information

Type/Species: Eastern Dragon
Origin: Chinese Mythology

About Lei Jen Zu / Lei Chen-Tzu

Lei Jen Zu was the son of Lei, the Thunder Dragon. He was said to be born from an egg by a thunderclap from his father, although he was not born a dragon. The god of literature, Wen Wang, adopted him and cared for him.

As a hero, Lei Jen Zu had many adventures. One of them was the rescue of his adoptive father, who had been taken prisoner. The Thunder Dragon gave Lei Jen Zu two apricots, and he transformed into a dragon after he ate them. In his dragon form, he saved Wen Wang. [1]

Physical Description

When he transformed, Lei Jen Zu became a huge green dragon, having wings and a boar's face. In addition, he had tusks, a pointed snout, and beautifully shining eyes. [1]


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