Basic Information

Type/Species: Eastern Dragon
Origin: Japanese Mythology

About Kiyo

Originally, Kiyo was a waitress. A priest fell in love with her, and he broke the temple rules by entering a teahouse. By doing this, he almost completely lost sight of his religious obligations, and they began going out. However, after being with her for a while, he grew bored of her and stopped seeing her. [1]

Kiyo was not happy about this. She went away to study magic in the temple. After a long time, she learned how to turn herself into a dragon. She did so one night and flew to the priest's monastery and attacked. He hid under the bell of the church, but to no avail. He was killed as she breathed fire over the bell and melted it. [1]

Physical Description

Perhaps a Lung or Horned Eastern Dragon. [1]


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