Basic Information

Type/Species: Eastern Dragon
Origin: Borneo Folk tale

About Kinabalu

Kinabalu is said to have lived at the top of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo. This dragon owned a grand pearl that the Chinese Emperor desired. He sent many men to retrieve it, but the dragon killed most of them. So, the Emperor sent out Wee Ping and Wee San to get the pearl.

Wee San plotted a way to trick the dragon and steal the pearl. He decided to wait until the dragon went out to find food, and then he and his brother would, using a kite, fly to the top of the mountain. They captured the pearl, and then replaced it with an imitation. However, the dragon was not fooled, and he proceeded to chase the brothers, who were now on their ship.

As the dragon approached, Wee san ordered for the cannon ball to launched at the dragon. Kinabalu, thinking it was his precious pearl, swallowed the cannon ball and died.

Wee Ping, feeling a bit left out of the whole story, lied and said he was the one who came up with the idea for the pearl. He also said that it was he, not his brother, who managed to steal it from the dragon. Wee Ping wanted the pearl for himself.

Wee San wanted no more trouble over the silly pearl, so he said nothing and left China. Later, he became the happy leader of the Brunei. Wee Ping was not so lucky, for his lying brought him nothing but sadness. [1]

Physical Description

Kinabalu looked much like a common Chinese dragon. It is interesting to note that when dragons hold pearls they are called Pearls of Wisdom. [1]

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