Basic Information

Translation: The Life of the Gods [2]
Type/Species: Great Serpent
Origin: Egyptian Mythology

About Ka-en-ankh Nereru / Ka-en-Ankh-nereru / Ka-en-Ānkh-nereru

Ka-en-ankh Nereru was the cosmic serpent of ancient Egypt described in the Book of the Coming Forth into Day. [1] In the twelfth section, or hour, of Tuat, the underworld, called Maa-nefert-Ra, the deities tow the boat of Ra through the serpent Ka-en-ankh Nereru. [2] Not over the back of a serpent or through a waterway Ra traversed the innards of the serpent. [2] When the celestial ship reached the horizon every night, [1] Ra and his companions entered the tail of Ka-en-ankh Nereru and over the course of the night, they pass through to emerge from the mouth of Ka-en-ankh Nereru into the light of day. [2]

When Ra emerged from Ka-en-ankh Nereru's mouth, the deity was rejuvenated and ready to being his daily journey through the skies once again. [1]

Physical Description

Ka-en-ankh Nereru was an enormous cosmic serpent. [2] So vast is his body that it stretches through the total darkness of the night skies. [1]


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