Basic Information

Titles: The Midgard Serpent, The World Serpent
Type/Species: Sea Serpent
Origin: Norse Myth/Scandinavia

About Jormugand

Being the second oldest child of Loki the Trickster and Angboda, he was kidnapped by the gods. Those gods then threw him into the sea near Midgard, and there he slept and brooded and ate. And, he ate so much that he then encompassed the world and finally had to bite on his own tail. [1]

Thor was Jormugand's antagonist. They met only three times, and the first was when Thor was visiting Jotunheim, where all the giants dwell. The leader there then told Thor, as a great task, to pick up his cat. Thor was not able to lift the cat very far before he realized it was far too heavy. Later, Thor found that the cat was not a cat, but in fact it was Jormungand, and that he had been tricked with magic. [1]

The second meeting almost killed Jormugand. Thor killed Hymir's prize bull so that he could use the head for bait in fishing. Hymir and Thor then cast the bull's heat into the sea, and Jormugand bit down on the head and he came out of the sea. Thor attempted to grab his hammer, but, alas, Hymir cut the line for fear of the huge serpent. With that, Thor became enraged. [1]

The final meeting of Thor and Jormungand was at the Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods. Then, Jormungand and all the other gods and monsters battled all the humans and creatures and Jormungand finally got a chance to battle Thor. While Jormungand died, he breathed his poison into the air, and Thor would only be able to take nine steps before he, too, dies along side of Jormungand. [1]

Physical Description

Jormungand is a huge, serpent-shaped sea monster. In almost all artwork, he is depicted with his tail in his mouth. [1]


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