Basic Information

Type/Species: Sea Serpent
Origin: Jivaro (Jívaro) of the Amazon of Equador

About Iwanci / Iwaňcï

Iwanci / Iwaňcï is a demonic serpent with the ability to become different serpent species of terrible size. Sometimes Iwanci / Iwaňcï would appear as the Macanci, the water snake, while at other times it would appear as Pani, the anaconda. [1] The unsuspecting victim would certainly die if Iwanci / Iwaňcï marked that person as its next victim.

It is likely that the Iwanci / Iwaňcï was a bogey, a creature used to scare people away from bothering snakes. [1]

Physical Description

The Iwanci / Iwaňcï was a shape shifter. It commonly appeared as a water snake or an anaconda. [1]


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