Basic Information

Name Translation: Kicking Mule [1]
Alternative Names: La Guita Xica, Mulaguita, La Mulassa, Mula Fera, Mula Guita
Type/Species: Wurm
Origin: Spanish Legend and Folklore

About Guita

During the festivals of Patum of Berga, simply called La Patum, [2] and Corpus Christi, the dragon Guita is paraded as an effigy, his visage eroded from the older variations on the European dragon. [1] Guita protects the inhabitants from evil. To simulate his fiery breath, Guita contains fireworks for its explosive festival appearances. [1]

Physical Description

Guita is an enormous, serpent-like dragon with a very long neck. Its face is black with large fangs, but the rest of its body is green. [1]


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