Basic Information

Type/Species: Great Serpent
Origin: Egyptian Mythology, The Pyramid Texts

About Denwen

In the Pyramid Texts (circa 2400 BC), [2] Denwen was an Egyptian serpent deity, [1] known from the times of the Old Kingdom. [2] The Egyptians shunned him because he posed a threat to all deities, [1] so powerful were his dragon-like abilities. [2]

Denwen possessed power over fire, and he could generate a fiery conflagration so powerful that it would destroy even the gods. [2] The dragon attempted this feat, but he failed to slaughter the deities, [1] because the spirit of the deceased king thwarted his attack. [2]

Physical Description

Denwen was an enormous serpent, surrounded by flame. [1]

Quick Facts

  • Denwen was an Egyptian serpent deity. [1]
  • He was mentioned in the ancient Pyramid Texts, [2] circa 2400 BC.
  • The Egyptians shunned him. [1]
  • The deceased king stopped the dragon's attempt to destroy the gods with fire [1,2]


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