Basic Information

Type/Species: Sea Serpent
Origin: Oregon Native American Mythology, North America

About Amhuluk

Amhuluk is said to live near Forkend Mountain in Oregon, where the Native Americans saw this creature with great fear. One story accounts how Amhuluk impaled two of three children on its horns and took them into the enchanted waters that it was named after. The father visited these children, and for five days they appeared by the water. However, afterward, they disappeared and remained with Amhuluk. Many believe that this dragon's passion is to catch and drown all things. [1]

This serpent is said to go through transformations as well, each time becoming more and more formidable.

Amhuluk is a bogey, something to scare off children from the water.

Physical Description

Amhuluk is a giant sea serpent creature with grand horns.


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